Our Preschool program engages three year old children in meaningful real-life experiences and encourages self-expression. With age appropriate activities that are designed through The Creative Curriculum.



The Creative Curriculum award-winning. Comprehensive. Aligned to essential early learning standards. Featuring a rich collection of knowledge-building and daily practice resources the curriculum offers detailed day-to-day guidance, individualized learning experiences. Curriculum assists in developing your child’s cognitive, social and emotional, and physical development. The children are exposed to literature, language arts, music, science and nature. Children are instructed and supported through the use of individual, small group and whole group learning activities.


We have an “Open-Door Policy” and welcome parent participation. We encourage close communication between parents and teachers through the use of bulletin boards, parent conferences and newsletters. Communication not only keeps the parents informed of what their child is accomplishing but also helps us to best meet your child’s needs.


We supply your child the “building blocks” they will need as they grow and develop to be successful at school and in life.


We invite you to come and visit the classroom and observe the children learning as they enjoy their activities, their friends and their education journey.


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