Our Pre-Kindergarten Program is designed to meet the educational needs of 4 and 5 year old children, addressing all of the essential learning areas, focusing on challenging age appropriate activities for each of their unique developmental stages and ages. In our classrooms, students are patiently guided through the learning process with lessons and activities that will get them ready for kindergarten, and support their success throughout their future school years.



Bellbrook Child Development Center‘s Pre-K Program Features Include:


  • Qualified and Certified Early Childhood Education teachers
  • Low teacher to child ratio, allowing for consistent and highly effective teaching attention
  • Structured classrooms designed to provide a rich education focused environment
  • Pre-K children have their own age appropriate playground area
  • Rooms are technology enhanced with iPads, Smartboards, and laptops
  • Age appropriate field trips each semester
  • Junior Chef program (cooking)


At Bellbrook Child Development Center, our Pre-K program provides a creative classroom experience that nurture’s the child’s mind and physical abilities, supported by qualified teachers who offer patience, motivating guidance and positive reinforcement. Our program offers 4 year olds a free, high-quality curriculum to prepare them for Kindergarten. The goal is to supply your child with the best learning experiences prior to starting Kindergarten, and provide an environment that encourages your child to have fun while learning.


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